Baltimore Orioles: Toughest schedule in MLB

The Baltimore Orioles head to Pittsburgh this evening to open up a two-game series. It’s actually a return engagement in a sense, as the two teams played a two-game set back in June at Camden Yards. The wonders of interleague play I suppose. I’m actually a proponent of interleague play, but I do think that they should look at how they do it.

The Orioles were given the toughest schedule in baseball this season. One of the factors in that designation was the fact that they had two games in the final week of the season in a National League ballpark. However the fact is that someone has to do it, given the fact that the league has an interleague game on every day of the season.

Obviously the point was that if the Orioles were in a playoff race, is it exactly fair to them to have to play two games in the final week where they surrender their DH and the pitchers hit? The fact is that the Birds are now eliminated from the race, however you get the point. But again, someone has to do it.

Personally I liked the way that they did interleague play prior to the changes that were made a few seasons ago. The games kind of came in blocks, with a large chunk of interleague games surrounding Memorial Day, and another one later in June. And I felt that kind of localized teams having to prepare for these games – meaning only in certain parts of the season as opposed to anytime.

If the O’s were still in contention, I suspect we would have heard a lot about that this week given that they’re in interleague play. It’s not the first time they’ve had a strange September schedule. In 2015 they had a similar situation, with a three-game set in Washington the third week of September. Going all the way back to 2012, they had a major road trip to the west coast in the middle of September as they were gearing up for the playoffs. You take the schedule as it comes, I suppose. But maybe while you don’t look for breaks per se, you do look not to be put at a disadvantage either.

The series at PNC Park in Pittsburgh begins tonight. Kevin Gausman takes the mound for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Pittsburgh’s Trevor Williams. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.

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