Baltimore Orioles: Injuries pile up in another loss

While pitching has been part of the story of the Baltimore Orioles’ season thus far, you can also point to injuries as playing a factor. In yesterday’s 6-2 loss on the Fourth of July to Milwaukee, they had to lift Mark Trumbo mid-game after he fouled a ball off his calf. An MRI returned negative (which is obviously a good thing), but the O’s are being cautious.

Ubaldo Jimenez struggled, but not to the point of being blown out of the water in the game. Jimenez’s line: 5.0 IP, 6 H, 5 R, 3 BB, 7 K. The problem of course has been that the Orioles are literally held accountable for each and every one of their mistakes, while they can’t hold their opponents in the same accountability. Jimenez walked a man with two outs in the last of the second – relatively innocent in a way…

…but yet that’s a base runner for the opposition. That brought Vogt to the plate, and he smacked a two-run homer. Arcia added an RBI-single, and the O’s trailed 3-0. Milwaukee would add two solo home runs in the fifth as well.

Rickard’s RBI-single in the seventh and Schoop’s solo homer in the ninth attested for the Birds’ two lone runs. Milwaukee’s Thames would also add a solo shot in the seventh, and the Orioles fell 6-2. There’s something that’s just not clicking for the Orioles, and yes it begins with starting pitching. However as I said, the O’s are being held accountable for just about all of their mistakes. And their opponents are being let off the hook.

As an example, Trumbo sent a dying quail into right field in the second inning following an Adam Jones double. The ball was flat out dropped by Milwaukee’s Villar. He had a play on it, and he flat out dropped the ball. Jones, perhaps rightly, tried to advance to third base. Villar gunned the ball to third, and sure enough Jones overslid the bag and was tagged out.

Not only were the O’s not able to hold Milwaukee accountable for the dropped ball, but they literally found a way to turn Milwaukee’s mistake into theirs. Jones knew that the play was going to be close, so he came hot into the bag. And that was what caused him to overslide the bag. The Orioles’ aggression is often being used against them.

And again, the injury situation doesn’t help. Trumbo is only the latest Oriole to get nic’d up. Jones has battled injuries all year, Machado had to miss a few games earlier this year, Davis and Hardy are on the DL, not to mention Britton (who’s expected to be activated today), among others. It’s almost a miracle that the Orioles are close to .500 if you look at it in that light.

Chris Tillman would have stated tonight’s game, but he’s on paternity leave. He’s with his wife, who’s expected to give birth to their first child at any time. While it’s tough to lose a starter at any point along the way, we certainly send our best wishes to Chris and wife.

The O’s will try to salvage a game in this series this evening at Miller Park. Jayson Aquino was called up from Norfolk and will get the start for the Orioles, and he’ll be opposed by Milwaukee’s Matt Garza. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.

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