Baltimore Orioles sign Michael Bourn to Minor Leagu

I’ve always thought that if the Baltimore Orioles hadn’t traded for Michael Bourn last August they might not have made the post season. Bourn and his speed played a big role for the Orioles offensively on the base paths, and again my personal opinion is that helped put them over the hump. The good news now is that the Birds have re-signed Bourn to a minor league deal.

Bourn will get an invitation to Spring Training, and can make $2 million if he ends up in the big leagues. This is a move that upgrades the Orioles’ outfield defense, as well once again as their team speed. Bourn also hit .283 in 24 games with the Birds last year, and he got on base very consistently.

So needless to say, this is a move that should help the Orioles across the board, and won’t cost them too much in salary. Bourn’s deal also includes an opt-out if he’s not on the major league roster by March 27th. However I suspect that’s not going to be an issue, because I don’t see the Birds breaking camp without Bourn. And again my thought is that fans should be okay with that.

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