Baltimore Orioles: Super Sunday in Charm City

Like the rest of the sports world, most of the Baltimore Orioles will be watching the Super Bowl tonight. So I’m going to keep this brief today because everyone’s focusing on that. As well they should be.

Super Sunday also means that pitchers and catchers will be reporting soon. But again – another story for another day! Baltimore does have a rich history in a sense when it comes to the Super Bowl. The Baltimore Colts of course were the vanquished in one of the most famous Super Bowl games of all time, Super Bowl III. My Dad always told me to dislike the Jets growing up as a result!

However two years later the Colts made it back to the big game, defeating the Dallas Cowboys on a Jim O’Brien field goal as time expired. Baltimore returned to the Super Bowl in the form of the Ravens in the 2000-2001 season, defeating the NY Giants. And of course in 2012-13 when they beat San Francisco. So all in all, the city of Baltimore has only lost the Super Bowl once.

Having said that, most of Baltimore’s rich NFL history with regard to championships was before the Super Bowl existed. Johnny Unitas and the Colts of course won the greatest game ever played, the 1958 NFL title game against the Giants in NY. What most people don’t remember is that they also beat the Giants in the 1959 title game, this time at Memorial Stadium.

This year of course Baltimore fans will watch the hated New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons. Along with everyone else, I’m pulling for Atlanta. But not simply because I don’t like Brady or Belichek – it would be fun to see someone win it all who’s never won it before. And I’ve been a Matt Ryan fan since he was at Boston College. He broke Maryland’s heart a few times, but he’s a decent QB.

But again similar to most people, I’m not sure Brady’s going to lose tonight. I do think it’ll be a competitive game, but I’m picking the Patriots to win and I’ll give three: New England 31, Atlanta 27.

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