Baltimore Orioles host their annual FanFest

The Baltimore Orioles will open for business in 2017 this morning. In just a few short hours, the doors of the Baltimore Convention Center will swing open, and Orioles’ FanFest will begin. FanFest will be held from 11 AM – 6 PM. Yesterday I incorrectly pinned the price of admission at $10; it’s actually $12.

FanFest is a time-honored tradition in Birdland, and it has something for fans of all ages. And writers!  So you can bet that a lot of families, groups of friends, and onlookers will make their way through the convention center today.

The Orioles work very hard to make this a great event, and in general they seem to succeed. They’ve set attendance records the past few years, and coming off of a playoff appearance there’s no reason to believe that might not happen again this year.

Now here’s one downside to this event: the fact that the Orioles charge for admission vouchers for the autograph sessions. They’re sold out at this point, however that doesn’t mean you can’t get them. The Orioles donate that money to charity – so it’s not intended for them to turn a profit. However as I said, you can still get an autograph voucher…plenty of people sell them on the secondary market.

That’s right, scalpers. And many scalpers scoop up the vouchers early and then sell them at a profit.Let me be clear; this IS NOT the Orioles’ fault. The only way they could avoid this is by not charging for the vouhcers, which takes money away from charity. It just is what it is.

So with that said, I’m off – see you at the Convention Center!

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