Baltimore Orioles: Matt Wieters is surprisingly still available

This column is not me suggesting that the Baltimore Orioles need to or should re-sign Matt Wieters. With the catchers that the Birds have right now, that ship has sailed. However this column is me saying that I’m shocked that Wieters is still a free agent. Are teams really that afraid of a guy who had Tommy Johns a few years back?

Again, the Orioles don’t need a catcher. However there are plenty of teams who do – such as the team down the pike. Wieters was also apparently earmarked for Atlanta at one point, which is where he went to school. But even that hasn’t materialized. So again, what gives?

We’re talking about a guy who’s appeared on multiple all-star rosters, and who’s a true team leader. The only thing I can muster is that agent Scott Boras is either stubornly asking for too much money (still), or teams really do have questions about Wieters’ health. Or could it go deeper than that?

I would submit that the shelf-life of a catcher has gotten shorter and shorter. When the likes of SF’s Posey get hurt in the manner that he did, it makes teams think. Furthermore you have the Washington Nationals who literally sent Harper to the outfield – never allowing him to crouch behind the dish.

This is how the league ebbs and flows. Sports are very reactionary in the sense that if injuries happen to high-profile people, something will eventually be done to prevent them. And I get that, however…Wieters is probably the best catcher on the market. It’s shocking to me that he’s still out there.

So just for the sake of saying it – should the Orioles bring him back? I say no. They’re set at catcher, and in fact within the organization they’re deep at that position. We’re getting to the point to where prices will start to drop. So someone will get a bargain. My guess is that it’s Atlanta.

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