Baltimore Orioles: Does the media want Manny Machado out of Baltimore?

The Baltimore Orioles are starting to hear rumblings about Manny Machado again. Whereas however it used to be teams trying to pry him away from them as a young prospect because of his promise, now he’s wanted because of who he is. And the voices are only getting louder.

Many Orioles fans are starting to say that the Birds should simply trade Machado away now and get a huge return. Now I’ll grant you that he’s probably at his peak value right now (up until the beginning of spring training) on the trade market with two years of team control remaining. However I’m on record as saying that I feel this is an incredibly misguided way of thinking. It would be much better for the Orioles to committ themselves to re-signing Machado as opposed to just giving up now.

However this “story” has started to leak into the national media as well. ESPN’s Buster Olney has addressed it, among others. So…would it be better for the national media if a guy like Machado played somewhere else besides Baltimore?

It goes without saying. For whatever reason, the league doesn’t see fit to give a team like the Orioles a lot of national television exposure. This has nothing to do with success or lack thereof – the O’s have more regular season wins than any other franchise from 2012 onward. But the fact is that we don’t see them in the national spotlight very often…

…and I’m speaking almost exclusively about Sunday Night Baseball. Yes the league has national telecasts on Monday and Wednesday nights on ESPN, and yes there are regional/national games on Saturdays via FOX. But let’s face it; Sunday Night Baseball is MLB’s equivilant to Monday Night Football. And for whatever reason, be it political or due to market size, we don’t see the Orioles on those telecasts too often.

So could the national media perhaps put more of a spotlight on a guy like Manny Machado if he played for another team? Obviously I’m suggesting a team such as New York, Boston, Los Angeles, etc. The answer is yes. And by a longshot at that.

Obviously the national media really has no say in the matter. But it wouldn’t surprise me to start seeing pieces written about how the Orioles should consider trading Machado among other guys, so as to get a big haul in return. If Machado were traded to the LA Dodgers as an example, national writers such as Olney would be able to cover him easier, and make him even more into a household name than he already is.

I’m not saying that any of this is definitely happening. But the fact is that national media members have a stake in where a guy of his caliber plays, because they have a job to do just like the rest of us. And anything that makes that job easier for them is going to be something they’ll want to explore.

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