Baltimore Orioles: No news is good news

No news can sometimes be good news if you’re the Baltimore Orioles. And let me preface this by saying that you should take that comment literally. I mean…there really is no news about the Orioles right now. Makes my job a lot tougher!

Many fans are still trying to wrap their heads around the Mark Trumbo sweepstakes, and the fact is that he’s still out there on the open market. However that’s part of my point in saying the no news bit – nobody else is doing anything either.

Fans complain that the team isn’t doing anything, and that’s something that I do understand. However right now teams are just trying to jockey their offers and so forth. Would it really pay for the Orioles to make a big splash right now when everyone else is just intent on cruising into the holiday season?

Yes, you might argue that with nobody else doing anything they could go under the radar – for Trumbo or anyone else. However if they wait until after the first of the year, I suspect the price might go down. That’s a strategic mark post of the off season. So if anything making a move now would cost them.

So yes, no news is good news for the Orioles. With regard to other teams signing people, that is. Everyone else seems okay with heading into the holidays and standing pat. The Orioles should as well.

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