Baltimore Orioles: Who’s next in the dugout?

Buck Showalter‘s contract with the Baltimore Orioles expires after the 2018 season. So if you’re not a Showalter fan, sorry but you’re stuck with him for the next few seasons. However I suspect that those who fall into that category are few and far between.

It’s unclear right now whether or not Showalter intends to stay for the duration of his contract. Nobody would really blame a guy in his sixties for retiring at his leisure. My Dad’s a few years older than Buck, and I know that topic is starting to cross his mind. However the point is that the Orioles probably want to consider a short list of names to replace him – at some point.

Showalter’s only been in Baltimore since August of 2010, however he’s almost a legacy manager at this point. The organization hasn’t seen this much winning since the heyday of the Earl of Baltimore. When the time comes, he’ll be fondly remembered for sure.

So who would potentially be on that short list? If nothing else, it’s an interesting conversation piece. Here’s one piece of advice I’ll give to the Birds: stay away from promoting an assistant. I’ve seen it happen too many times where a coach leaves and his loyal lieutenant gets the job – only to have little to no success. Mike Davis was Bobby Knight’s assistant coach at Indiana, and he got the top job when the General was fired. While he went to the Final Four, they didn’t have much success after that.

When a coach of Showalter’s capacity leaves, perhaps there is a movement for continuity in a sense. However what you really need is someone of equal strength, or who could be of equal strength. So…does that mean going after a guy who’s managed before?

Preferably, but not necessarily. Ideally you want a coach to stay for some time and thus have a lot of success. So maybe it’s better to find the next up and coming guy who’s hungry as opposed to a recycled manager that’s looking for a job. Maybe, as I said.

For all we know, Showalter might be amenable to an extension after 2018. However as I said, it’s something that the organization has to consider. Because that time will be here before we know it. Incidentally, Dan Duquette’s contract is up at the same time as Showalter’s. So post-2018, we could be looking at wholesale changes in Baltimore.

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