Baltimore Orioles still working on Mark Trumbo

The Baltimore Orioles aren’t trying to waste any time on the Mark Trumbo front. The Birds definitely want him back. Dan Duquette confirmed that the two sides had contact as late as Thursday. It’s a work in progress.

The question is whether or not Trumbo would be able to replicate his production from 2016 – both next year and in the future. However the Birds also don’t want to hamstring themselves down the line. As in when they go and try to re-sign Machado and Schoop.

I suppose I’m resigned to the fact that regardless of what the Orioles do on any front, there will be some criticism. Mark Trumbo may well be worth the money moving forward, but what does that do to the team in the future? These are all things that need to be considered as any team ponders moves.

According to industry sources, Colorado is one of the other teams that’s in heavy on Trumbo. However they appear to be less willing than the Orioles to open up their pockets. For the record, the opportunity to play in that environment and in that ballpark would be attractive to me if I were Trumbo. With his power, I think he could really have a career year.

Of course the downside is that he’d find himself playing in the field a lot if he goes to Colorado. With the Orioles while he’ll play the field here and there, he’ll also DH a lot. And that’s true of any AL team.

At the end of the day, the Orioles have to do right by themselves – both in terms of wins and losses as well as financially. Time will tell what “right” is, however you can bet that Dan Duquette won’t allow them to make the wrong decision.

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