Baltimore Orioles: What’s Manny Machado worth to you?

The Baltimore Orioles weren’t a part of one of the bigger stories in the first day of the Wineter Meetings yesterday. But they can be made a part of it. Washington annouced that it wasn’t willing to pay the cash that Bryce Harper is demanding after 2018. Harper is said to want somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 over ten years.

It’s rare for something like this to be said two years before the guy hits free agency, however it got me to thinking what the Orioles would do with Manny Machado. Are they a better team with Manny at the hot corner? I think everyone knows the answer to that. But would Orioles fans be okay with that salary number and length of contract?

The smart ones would not – be satisfied with that number, that is. Everyone knows how special Machado is – that goes without saying. However everything has a price. There are those out there who feel that if the Orioles choose not to re-sign Machado no matter what the price is, shame on them. But again, should the Orioles blow everyone on one player?

Keep in mind that this is merely the price that Harper is asking. There’s no gaurantee he’ll get that. Furthermore if he does, that’s not to say Machado will as well. As is the case in all things, you have to do a cost-analysis. Is Manny Machado worth a lot of money and should he get a large contract when the time comes? Yes. Is he priceless? Probably not.

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