Baltiore Orioles: Anyone need a General Manager?!

It was two years ago on the eve of the Winter Meetings that the world found out Toronto wanted the Baltimore Orioles’ Dan Duquette. And when I say the eve of the Winter Meetings, I literally mean “the eve.” As in, the news broke while most of th executives were flying to the meetings on Sunday.

We all remember that unfortunate exchange, and the venom that it spewed. The two Birds’ camps weren’t exactly friendly on the field before, but that didn’t help. The Orioles dug their heels in, making them look like the bad guys for not letting Duquette go. Yet most people seemed to look the other direction when it came to Toronto and how they seemed to violate every unwritten code in the book in terms of talking to someone else’s employee.

And the way that they got away with it of course was that in theory the position for which they wanted Duquette was technically a promotion. As opposed to a VP of Baseball Ops, he would be a President of Operations. However the fact is that Toronto simply structures their front office differently than do the Orioles. In effect, it was the same or a similar job.

But that was two years ago – I don’t anticipate anything like that happening this weekend. But you never know…! And if it did, the Birds would probably react the same way.

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