Baltimore Orioles: Lockout averted, Logan Verrett returns

The Baltimore Orioles have re-acquired a former Rule 5 pick in Logan Verrett. They traded cash considerations to the NY Mets for their former Rule 5 draft choice, and he now slides into either the starting rotation or bullpen. I would presume that latter.

The Birds selected Verrett during the 2014 Winter Meetings, however he was exposed to waivers during spring training, and claimed by Texas. He was later returned to New York, and is now back with the Orioles. He registered a 1.88 ERA that spring with the O’s, accumulating 12 K’s and zero walks.

Verrett fell on some hard times as part of the Mets’ minor league system this past year, with a 5.20 ERA at triple-A. However the Orioles are glad to have him back in the organization, and even more so that they didn’t have to give up anything to get him. We’ll see where he lands come Opening Day.

However the real news today is that MLB and the MLBPA reached a deal on collective bargaining, which preserved the labor peace in baseball. While it went down to the wire, a lockout has been averted. That also means that next week’s winter meetings will go on as scheduled.

There are a few parts of the new labor deal that will be of interest to fans, however the main part is that a work stoppage has been avoided. With the season beginning four days earlier than previously, the schedule will now have some additional days off built in. There are also going to be provisions that will force teams to play more day games on getaway days.

So basically you can look for more starts during the 12 or 1 PM hour on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Speaking for myself, I think that’s a good thing. As I’ve said before, the Orioles are one of the teams who rarely seem to do that. First off while perhaps it does provide a hassle for fans in that they might have to take a day off, it’s a nice change of pace. But it also makes things easier for teas across the board, as one or both teams will be in transient on a getaway day.

But the main story is that a deal has been done, and a crisis averted in Major League Baseball. Whereas the other three major sports have had work stoppages since the 1994 MLB players’ strike, baseball has not. And it’s going to stay that way.

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