Baltimore Orioles: Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I’m going to keep this incredibly brief today, as Baltimore Orioles’ fans have better things to do than read The Orange Crush. But from me to yours, I want to wish one and all a Happy Thanksgiving. Yes folks, Thanksgiving Day is upon us!

The Orioles and Orioles fans have a lot for which to be thankful this year. First and foremost, the team returned to the post-season. Yes some will point out that it was a short-lived stint. But hey, they were there. And one would hope that would drive interest going into next year.

However fans have something bigger for which to be thankful as well: the team itself. There are so many places in America that don’t have access to Major League Baseball, and thus don’t know what a boom it is in their everyday civic lives. Look at cities like Charlotte, Portland, Las Vegas, etc. Even smaller cities such as OKC, Jacksonville, etc.

Not only are Orioles fans blessed to have the Birds, but also two National League teams within close proximity. Not everyone has that. And yes folks, it is in fact a blessing – from a sports perspective, that is.

Again, best wishes to all of Birdland for a great Thanksgiving!

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