Baltimore Orioles’ Mark Trumbo wins AL Comeback Player of the Year award

Mark Trumbo of the Baltimore Orioles has won the 2016 Player’s Choice Award for the American League Comeback Player of the Year. In leading the league with 47 homers, this was all but pre-determined. Trumbo of course has a one-year $17.2 million dollar qualifying offer on the table from the Orioles.

Trumbo rebounded from a 2015 season in which he smacked only 22 homers. He also improved year-over-year by RBI as opposed to 64 in 2015. Trumbo was elected to the all-star game for the second time in his career in 2016 as well.

This of course makes it all the more likely that Trumbo will be a hot commodity on the free agent market this winter. There are rumors that the Orioles are considering a multi-year deal for Trumbo, however I admittedly think that would be a mistake – if in fact it’s being considered. Trumbo might be a big force for another year or two, however whether he’d be any more than a name after that would remain to be seen.

Anything’s possible, I suppose. However assuming Trumbo walks (and that’s only an assumption), the O’s would have to find a way to replace his production in the lineup. And that would be a daunting task. But it could also make the team more productive, if in fact they’re forced to opt for on-base percentage more so than home runs. But then again, home runs is how games are won in the AL East.

The Orioles of course fleeced Seattle in trading a minor league catcher for Trumbo last off season. Given his down 2015, it wasn’t exactly a trade that made huge waves around the league. Trumbo was a name for sure, but he was thought to be past his prime. And it’s important to put it the way I did in that the Orioles “fleeced” Seattle in that trade…

…nothing against Seattle of course. Although their trades with the Orioles do have a historical knack for backfiring on them. However while many fans are complaining about the number of former Orioles that are currently World Series Champions in Chicago, there have been plenty of trades of late in which the Orioles have ruled the roost.

While it’s regrettable that Arrieta thrived after leaving the Orioles, how do you think Seattle feels about losing Trumbo? In that case they very well may have made it over the hump and into the post season had they had his services. How do you think Texas feels about having lost Davis?

The point is that some trades work out and others don’t – it’s the nature of the business. But Mark Trumbo winning comeback player of the year validates this one for the Birds, just in case it needed anymore validation.

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