Baltimore Orioles: MLB announces game schedule vs. Miami

Major League Baseball has announced the game schedule for the Baltimore Orioles’ and Miami Marlins this week. The O’s will host Miami starting tomorrow at 7:30 PM. The teams will play a doubleheader on Wednesday, starting at 5 PM. The Orioles will serve as the home team in game one, and Miami as the home team in game two. Both games will be seven innings long, a first in Oriole history.

The second game of the doubleheader (the one in which Miami will be the home team) will begin approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the first game. And on Thursday evening the teams will conclude their series with a game at 7:30 PM in which Miami will be the home team. So far as I know (and I’m going off of memory on this), it’ll be the first time in the history of Camden Yards in which the Orioles will be the visiting team. Because, 2020…

…although that’s not technically true. Circa 2007 or 2008 the O’s had a game in Chicago suspended due to rain in the seventh inning. The game was completed the next time the ChiSox played the O’s, which was a month later at Camden Yards. The game was completed prior to the regularly-scheduled game, with the Orioles technically as the visiting team. But I digress.

All of this is up in the air, as a Hurricane Isaias moves up the east coast. It’s anticipated to dump a lot of rain into the Baltimore area tomorrow. What’s unclear is whether or not this will affect the 7:30 PM game at Camden Yards. What’s also unclear is what the contingency plans would be, if any. It might just go as a rainout, only to be made up if need be. Time will tell.

Baltimore Orioles show the pride of the Orange and Black in sweeping Tampa away

With a sweep potentially in play, the Baltimore Orioles tasked Tommy Milone with getting them to pay dirt this afternoon. Tampa’s a team that’s tormented the Orioles over the years. So a sweep of their division rivals this weekend would go a long way towards erasing those memories. And Milone didn’t disappoint. Milone’s line: 5.0 IP, 5.0 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 8 K.

When I say Tampa’s tormented the O’s, I mean more so how they’ve beaten them as opposed to just beaten them. New York’s beaten the Orioles’ brains in at times. But you’d almost rather than than have a bunch of mad scientists literally finding stats for everything and using it to their advantage almost every time. They’d nickel and dime the O’s, and then kill them by paper cuts. And just when the Birds thought something was going right, someone would climb the wall and make some miraculous play in saving a homer. Not today.

The O’s took the lead on Renato Nunez‘s solo homer in the third inning. Tampa tied the game in the sixth on Lowe’s solo shot which chased Milone. But the Birds were seemingly on the cusp for most of the afternoon. Finally in the last of the seventh they broke through.

Hanser Alberto smacked an RBI-double which gave the O’s the lead for good at 2-1. Nunez’s RBI-single would extend the lead to 3-1, and Jose Iglesias‘ RBI-double ran it to 4-1. The competitive part of the game seemed to be over.

But the O’s did put up an all-important insurance run before all was said and done. Pat Valaika, last night’s hero, smacked a solo homer in the last of the eighth, putting a capper on the Orioles’ 5-1 win. And their first sweet of Tampa since 2016.

Keep in mind, the games mean more due to the shortened season. And these games mean even more than others because they’re division games. Needless to say, the pride of the Orange & Black is alive and well, and it was on display all weekend.

The Orioles found out yesterday that they’re going to be off tomorrow. However as we know the schedule’s been retooled. We know that the Birds will be scheduled to play Miami at Camden Yards on Tuesday – in some form. And there’s also a hurricane that’s supposed to be here on that day. So stay tuned!

Baltimore Orioles: All’s well that ends well

The Baltimore Orioles sent starter Wade LeBlanc out there tonight and tasked him with putting the team in a spot to win. LeBlanc did that, and very effectively at that. LeBlanc’s line: 5.1 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 3 K.

The Orioles may have caught Tampa at a good time, as they’re struggling a bit offensively. But often times playing against a young pitching staff can snap bats back into form. Thus far in the series, Oriole pitching hasn’t allowed that to occur.

The Birds on the other hand came into the series with “hottish” bats. Renato Nunez got the Orioles on the board early with a solo homer in the last of the fourth. Later in the inning Rio Ruiz‘s RBI-single extended the lead to 2-0.

Tampa would get a run back in the sixth on a solo homer, however the Orioles were dialed in. I’ve written a lot, both surrounding exhibition games, and now in the regular season about insurance runs. I’m not sure when runs become “insurance runs,” but we saw the O’s add runs on after Tampa cut the score in half. And that’s a good sign.

Pedro Severino‘s RBI-single (in the aforementioned last of the sixth) extended the Birds’ lead to 3-1. Rio Ruiz would also add a sac fly-RBI to make it 4-1. It’s also worth pointing out that the only reason that run was made possible was due to a pass ball. That got the runner to third, and it shows the Orioles starting to hold their opponents accountable in games.

Unfortunately for the O’s, those insurance runs weren’t enough. A Shawn Armstrong throwing error in the eighth started a sequence which ended with Tampa putting three runs across and tying the game. While all three runs were charged to Anderson, Miguel Castro allowed the final run to score.

The game went to extra innings, which meant that the O’s were subject to MLB’s new extra innings rule for the first time, starting each inning with a runner on second base. Ironically it was the Orioles (as opposed to Tampa) who used that to their advantage defensively. They began the tenth by scoring a 7-5 double play. They also notched a 1-2 double-play in the eleventh.

Ultimately, Pat Valaika was the hero of the day. His RBI-single in the last of the eleventh won the game for the O’s. It also guaranteed them a series victory, and against an AL East rival at that.

The Orioles also found out yesterday what awaits them this coming week. The four games with Miami will be made up on Tuesday-Thursday, with Monday being an off day. One of those days will be a doubleheader, and Miami will be the home team in two of the four games. Which games are which is still unclear.

The series with Tampa concludes tomorrow at Camden Yards. Tommy Milone gets the call for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Tampa’s Yonny Chirinos. Game time is set for just after 1 PM.

Baltimore Orioles: These colors don’t run

The Baltimore Orioles have struggled against Tampa the last few years. They almost find a way to beat the Orioles, no matter what happens. They took a 2-0 lead on starter Alex Cobb last night, and it appeared that the trend was continuing. Cobb’s line; 4.0 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 3 BB, 2 K.

Tampa put up runs in the first and third on RBI-doubles, following an hour rain delay before the game. And that’s one of the many ways they’ve done the Orioles wrong over the years. They get people on base and quickly get them in. They have no issue piecemealing one run here and one run there. One run means their opponent has to score two to beat them.

The Orioles however could have rolled over and played dead. Knowing the history of Tampa prancing to victory using any means possible, what would have been the point. But orange and black…those colors don’t run.

The Birds showed Tampa the way that they operate. As opposed to piecemeal, they score runs in clumps. Anthony Santander tied the game at two with a two-run homer in the fourth. A few minutes later, the Birds had the lead when Pedro Severino went back-to-back and smacked a solo shot.

Tampa tried to win by playing the Orioles’ game with a solo homer by Lowe to tie the game in the fifth. But the orange and black weren’t going to allow this night to be spoiled. They got the lead back in the last of the fifth on Santander’s RBI-single. Rio Ruiz would reach base in the seventh in a fielder’s choice in the last of the seventh, and a run would score on a throwing error. And Hanser Alberto would add a solo homer in the eighth to complete the Birds’ 6-3 victory.

I do think it’s important to note that this is a team that’s given the Orioles problems. Not as many as say New York, but I digress. They’ve always seemed to be able to find a way to win. But the Birds didn’t allow it on this night. Because these colors don’t run.

The O’s also consummated a trade after the game. Reliever Richard Bleier was traded to the Miami Marlins for a player to be named later. An interesting turn of events for sure, but that’s the news.

The series continues this evening against Tampa at Camden Yards. Wade LeBlanc gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Tampa’s Tyler Glasnow. Game time is set for just after 7:30 PM.

Baltimore Orioles fall late

The Baltimore Orioles put up a fight last night against New York. However starter John Means has a lackluster first outing. Means never pitches well against New York, however he certainly wanted to look better than he did. Means’ line: 2.1 IP, 2 H, 5 R, 1 BB, 2 K.

Before you could blink, New York put five runs on the board in the first inning. This included a grand slam by Voit. Means stabilized, but he was lifted in the third.

However the O’s battled back. And almost immediately at that. Hanser Alberto‘s two-run homer in the last of the first brought the O’s to within 5-2. One inning later Rio Ruiz hit a two-run shot of his own, putting the Orioles right back into the game, and within one run at 5-4.

The skies opened up in the sixth inning, causing an hour-and-a-half rain delay. When the game resumed, the O’s took the lead in the eighth inning. Pedro Severino‘s two-run homer gave the Orioles a 6-5 lead. Unfortunately however, New York had a guy in Judge who was capable of a three-run shot. And he gave NY the lead back in the ninth. And the O’s fell 9-6.

I’ve written on the important of insurance runs several times thus far this season. And we saw it last night. Especially when playing against the likes of Judge, Stanton, et al. However the good news is that the O’s battled back after being down big early on. With a young team, that’s how you have to look at things.

Tomorrow the Orioles will welcome in the Tampa Rays to Camden Yards for a three-game weekend series. Alex Cobb gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Tampa’s Blake Snell. Game time is set for just after 7:30 PM.

Baltimore Orioles fall in home opener

Due to the ongoing situation with the Miami Marlins, the Baltimore Orioles opened their home schedule against New York last night. I suspect that the Birds and starter Asher Wojchiekowski wish it had been Miami they were playing, as New York came out swinging early and hit the O’s hard. Wojchiekowski’s line: 5.0 IP, 4 H, 5 R, 2 BB, 7 K.

Wojchiekowski surrendered a solo homer to LeMahieu in the first at-bat of the game. Solo home runs aren’t going to beat you, but these are the Bronx Bombers. They do more than just one solo shot in the first inning.

They would net another run on Ford’s sac fly-RBI later in the inning. However even though NY was throwing it’s ace, Cole, the O’s battled back. Jose Iglesias‘ RBI-single in the last of the first cut the lead in half at 2-1. But again, the Bronx Bombers don’t just go away. Judge’s solo homer in the third extended their lead to 3-1.

Hicks would smack a two-run homer later in the third, and LeMahieu and Judge would add RBI-singles in the sixth. The thing about teams such as New York is that they don’t really stop adding runs on. I wrote about insurance runs last weekend, and how it was good to see the Birds adding them on. That’s never been a problem for a team like New York.

The O’s did get a two-run homer from Dwight Smith Jr. in the seventh, but again New York kept adding on runs. Even in the ninth inning. When the smoke cleared, they beat the Orioles 9-3.

Perhaps the bigger story was that first baseman Chris Davis wasn’t with the team last night. Manager Brandon Hyde said before the game that he wasn’t available and wasn’t with the team. He was unable to say anything further, which of course naturally makes people think that this is COVID-related.

In the wake of the Miami situation Davis had said that he was more concerned about the situation. Certainly it’s a concern for anyone, but especially a guy like Davis who has young children. He has remained on the active roster, so in terms of him staying with the team that’s a positive sign.

The disjointed series will be “paused” until next week following tonight’s game, and truly finalized next Wednesday night when New York returns to Camden Yards. John Means makes his season debut for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by New York’s J.A. Happ. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.

Baltimore Orioles: Schedule in flux

The Baltimore Orioles will take on the New York Yankees tonight and tomorrow at a Camden Yards. It of course will be the Birds’ home opener. It was supposed to be against the Miami Marlins, however due to the COVID-19 outbreak in their clubhouse their season has been placed on hold.

So New York comes in tonight, and they were also supposed to be in Baltimore from August 3rd-5th – next week. Monday and Tuesdays games in essence have been rescheduled for tonight and tomorrow. Wednesday August 5th’s game is still on against New York.

Presumably, if Miami is able to continue their season next week, those games will be played on Monday and Tuesday. In fact, you might even see doubleheader’s, so as to makeup the games canceled earlier in the week in Miami. All of that remains to be seen. If Miami is unable to continue their season, presumably those dates will just remain as off days for the O’s.

The “disjointed series” with New York begins tonight at Camden Yards. Alex Wojchiekowski gets the start for the Orioles, and he’ll be opposed by New York’s Gerrit Cole. Game time is set for just after 7:30 PM.

Baltimore Orioles not playing tonight (updated x2)

Commissioner Rob Manfred announced last night that the Baltimore Orioles game tonight in Miami has been postponed. There was talk about playing today at Camden Yards (either one game or a doubleheader) with the O’s as the visiting team in their home park, but that’s been scrapped. Manfred on the situation:

Our first concern obviously is the health of the players and their families and making sure that we do everything possible to minimize the spread of the virus among our employees. We’ve been fortunate so far. We’ve done tens of thousands of tests, our positive rate has been 0.4 percent, so we feel like the protocols have worked pretty well.

Not withstanding that fact, we have made some decisions. The Miami Marlins will not play their two games in Miami tonight and tomorrow. We’re doing some additional testing. If the testing results are acceptable, the Marlins will resume play in Baltimore on Wednesday against the Orioles.

Quote Courtesy of Roch Kubatko, MASNsports

The Orioles are scheduled to play Miami on Wednesday and Thursday nights at Camden Yards. Those games of course are previously scheduled, and are Oriole home games. Now what could theoretically happen is that assuming Miami is cleared to play, perhaps they do a doubleheader on Wednesday (at Camden Yards) with Miami as the home team, and another doubleheader Thursday with the Orioles as the home team.

Whether both teams and the union would approve of two doubleheaders in a row is another story. That would certainly put the Orioles at a disadvantage going into a weekend series with division foe, Tampa. More realistically, I think you put those two games on the back burner and play one or both of them at the end of the season if need be. Either that or find a common off day and play a doubleheader.

For the record, the Orioles have adhered to all of the agreed-upon guidelines in terms of social distancing, masks, and putting themselves in essence in a bubble while on the road. The issue of course lies with the Miami Marlins. I would submit that baseball fans, players, coaches, etc. everywhere should be looking at them with contempt when they played on Sunday in Philadelphia knowing that the virus was spreading in their clubhouse. Infections are going to happen. It’s how you handle them that makes the difference. They handled it about as poorly as anyone could. More as we hear it.

Update: We’re hearing that the league has now at least temporarily suspended the Miami Marlins’ season. So that would wipe out tomorrow and Thursday’s games between the O’s and Miami at Camden Yards. It’s unclear what the league will do moving forward, however at this time canceling or suspending the MLB season as a whole doesn’t appear to be on the table.

There are all kinds of ideas being thrown around, including one that has the NY Yankees coming to Baltimore for games tomorrow and Thursday evenings. NY was otherwise supposed to have been here for three games next week – Monday-Wednesday. Again, that’s just an idea. It’s unclear if that means that perhaps things could shift regarding Miami by then, and maybe they could play here and just swap series’…?

MLB appears to not be overly concerned about one team playing a few fewer games than others. So if someone ends up playing 55 games, that’s fine – they’ll do standings by win percentages. And in a scenario like what we’re seeing this year, I think that’s smart. I’m not sure they planned for an entire team to have it’s season suspended, but here we are. More as we hear it.

Update II: MLB has announced that the New York Yankees will be coming to Baltimore tomorrow and Thursday night to take on the O’s at Camden Yards. This replaces the Miami series. Presumably both games start at 7:30 PM.

Baltimore Orioles’ game canceled in Miami (updated)

The Baltimore Orioles are in Miami in anticipation of tonight’s game with the Marlins – which has apparently just been canceled. The Miami Marlins are actually still in Philadelphia, where they played this weekend. Over the course of the series, four Miami players tested positive for Covid-19.

There are multiple reports and stories out there, but some of them pin as many as 14 positive tests in the Miami clubhouse. What happens from here remains to be seen. As of now tomorrow’s game and the two-game set in Baltimore on Wednesday and Thursday are still on.

It’s possible that if enough taxi squad guys can make it to Miami by tomorrow and the rest of the team tests negative, perhaps they could play a doubleheader. Or maybe a doubleheader at Camden Yards later in the week with Miami acting as the home team in one of the games. Again, remains to be seen. All we know for now is that today’s game is canceled.

Incidentally the aforementioned scenario’s are only ideas out of my head. None of it was said with any sort of prior knowledge. But this is kind of a big moment for MLB, because something like this was bound to happen eventually. Hopefully we can move forward taking as many precautions as possible. This story will be updated if need be as more details about the schedule are made available, however in the interim please join me in sending prayers and good vibes to manager Don Mattingly and the entire Miami Marlins organization.

Update: The O’s are apparently going to be flying back to Baltimore this evening. So while nothing official yet, that would mean that tomorrow night’s game at the very least isn’t going to be played in Miami. With the Marlins in Philadelphia, they could easily bus down to Baltimore and play a doubleheader tomorrow at Camden Yards – obviously with Miami serving as the home team.

It’s unclear if that’s what’s happening, but it appears that the Orioles’ stay in South Florida is going to be cut short, needless to say. I suspect that an attempt to play the doubleheader at Oriole Park tomorrow will be made, and if worst comes to worst they’ll just postphone both games for now. More as we hear it.

Baltimore Orioles: Big wheels keep on turning

The Baltimore Orioles turned to Wade LeBlanc this afternoon at Fenway Park in the series finale with Boston. And LeBlanc didn’t disappoint. While for the second straight day the O’a fell short of a quality start, it was also the second straight day where starter put them in a great position to win a game. LeBlac’s line: 5.2 IP, 4 H, 4 R, 0 BB, 4 K.

Whether it was Fenway Park’s dimensions or something else, Oriole bats were hot right off the bat. They took a 2-0 lead in the first on a two-run homer by Rio Ruiz. For a short period, it appeared that it might be a game – Boston cut that lead to 2-1 in the second on a solo homer by Vasquez.

But that was short lived. The O’s came right back. Jose Iglesias‘ RBI-double in the third have the Birds their two-run cushion back. And it was full steam ahead from there, as they’d get a sac fly-RBI from Austin Hays, and a solo homer from Anthony Santander in the fourth. They also chased the Boston starter before the end of the inning.

Boston would get a solo homer from Pillar in the fifth, and an RBI-single by Bogaerts in the sixth. Other than that, the Orioles shut the door on Boston. Chris Davis even added an insurance run with an RBI-double in the ninth. (Davis would later commit an unforced base running gaffe by getting doubled off second, but luckily it didn’t cost the O’s.)

The star of the day had to be Anthony Santander. He had the aforementioned solo home run. He also saved a homer by Bogaerts in the last of the fourth. The ball looked to be curling around the Pesky Pole, however Santander lept into the empty stands and caught the ball. Shades of the final game last year.

It’s worth reminding folks that 2019 began the same way. The Birds fell on Opening Day in NY, and won the final two games of the series to register a series victory in the beginning of an otherwise forgetful season. However I think there were a lot of people who expected the Birds to get swept this weekend in Boston. Yes, Friday was bad. But they bounced back in the final two games in convincing fashion. That should mean the world to fans.

Even in a sixty-game sprint, it’s too early to look at the standings. But while they have the same record as the NY Yankees, if you really want to be technical the Birds are ahead of them in the standings. Because the Orioles’ wins were division games. But it’s still early. ; don’t read into too much. You’d just rather win two-of-three in the opening series than drop two-of-three or get swept. As the title states, big wheels kept on turning this weekend for the O’s.

The Orioles now head to South Florida for a short series against Miami at Marlins Park. Asher Wojchiekowski gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Miami’s Pablo Lopez. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.

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