Baltimore Orioles: Trey Mancini reportedly heading to Houston (updated)

The Baltimore Orioles did it. They made the tough decision to trade Trey Mancini this afternoon, with a little over a day left before the deadline. Mancini’s now headed to Houston where he’ll join his new team, the Houston Astros.

Word on the street is that the Birds are getting multiple pitching prospects in return for Mancini. So this article will be updated once the players’ names are released. However unless the O’s got peanuts in return, this was the right move to make, at the right time.

I assume that Mike Elias had exhausted his options, and was in essence made aware by Mancini’s representation that he (Mancini) wouldn’t be picking up his side of the mutual $10 million option next year. This meaning that he’s going to test the free agent market. So why risk losing him and not getting anything back?

Certainly it’s a tough pill to swallow for everyone involved – especially Orioles fans. Mancini was a fan favorite from day one, and he truly embraced the spirit of the Orioles and the city of Baltimore. He became a clubhouse leader, respected by just about everyone. And that was before he had cancer. Following that situation he further cemented his legacy in Baltimore and with the O’s.

Keep in mind that assuming he remains consistent and in fact doesn’t opt to pick up the mutual option (with Houston), he’ll become a free agent after the World Series. That means the Orioles will have as much a shot as anyone to sign him. Whether that fits into their long term plan remains to be seen. But it’s a possibility.

Needless to say, Trey was only here for a short time. But his impact will never be forgotten in Birdland. And I know that all Orioles fans will follow him on the side, and wish him well with Dusty Baker and the Houston Astros. As will this writer.

Update: According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, it was a three-team trade, also involving Tampa. The Birds got RHP Seth Johnson and Chayce McDermott from both Houston and Tampa, Mancini goes to Houston, and CF Jose Siri goes to Tampa.

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