Baltimore Orioles represented proudly by Cedric Mullins in the All-Star Game

The Baltimore Orioles’ lone All-Star Game representative this evening was Cedric Mullins. There were arguments to be made for other guys along with Mullins, but Mullins was the only Oriole on the roster. He started the game and played centerfield.

Mullins came to bat for the first time in the top of the third, and struck out. He then ended up reaching on a fielding error on the top of the fifth inning. Mullins would move to second base on a groundout, and would later score on Xander Bogaerts’ run-scoring single.

As it stands at the moment this article is being written, the American League leads the National League 5-2 in the last of the sixth. But Mullins’ night is done. Needless to say, he contributed to the game with the run scored. And in doing so, did the Orioles and their fans proud.

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