Baltimore Orioles: The day Cedric Mullins started a rout

One might say that starter Jorge Lopez put the Baltimore Orioles in a position to win today in the series finale at Camden Yards. Granted it wouldn’t have taken much today. But he did his job. Lopez’s line: 5.0 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 3 BB, 2 K.

Cedric Mullins had a lengthy at-bat to lead things off. And it culminated in a solo homer to give the Birds a 1-0 lead. Little did anyone know what Mullins had put in motion with that homer.

Both Austin Wynns and Mullins again would add RBI-singles in the second; Wynns’ came with the bases loaded. Later in the inning Trey Mancini would plat two runs on a fielder’s choice and a throwing error on the Cleveland pitcher, and Anthony Santander would add a two-run double. Cleveland trailed 7-0 after the second inning.

But they’d get an RBI-double from Bradley in the third to get on the board. However that didn’t hamper the day the Orioles were having. Ryan Mountcastle and DJ Stewart would add RBI-singles in the last of the third ran the score to 9-1. And both of those were infield singles, where the Orioles hustled and the Cleveland infield couldn’t really get it’s act together.

Before the fourth inning ended the Birds would also get a two-RBI single from Maikel Franco, and an additional RBI-single from Ramon Urias. Not to mention another diving catch by Cedric Mullins in center to save a run on defense. Not that it would have mattered – but playing hard when the stakes are low shows character. Cleveland would get two back in the fifth on a two-run homer by Rosario – which ended Lopez’s day, although he pitched deep enough to get the win.

This isn’t to say that the O’s are turning a corner, but this was the Birds’ second consecutive home series win in as many series’. Needless to say it’s a “step” for a team that started out as poorly at home as the Orioles did.

It also shows how the pendulum can swing in a 162-game baseball season. You go through a 14-game losing streak, and then suddenly you get it together, win a couple of series’, and as was the case today, get a game where everything just kind of falls for you.

There were a lot of hero’s in this game, but none more than Cedric Mullins. For the second consecutive game, he reached base on all but one at-bat (3-for-4 with two walks). Mullins of course also got the rout going with that solo homer in the first in the first inning today.

The O’s would also add five “insurance runs” in the last of the seventh; after loading the bases, they got RBI-singles from Santander, Galvis, Mountcastle, and McKenna. Not to mention an additional solo homer by Ramon Urias. Cleveland would smack a two-run homer in the ninth also, rounding the game out nicely at an 18-5 Orioles’ victory.

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