Baltimore Orioles: Good things can happen with runners on base

The Baltimore Orioles got another strong start this afternoon out of Matt Harvey at the Oakland Coliseum. Luckily however he was also gifted several runs that all but marginalized how solid Harvey was. That isn’t meant to marginalize Harvey’s effort, of course. Harvey’s line: 5.2 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 3 BB, 1 K.

The game was won for the O’s in a monster third inning. Austin Hays hit what should have been a two-RBI single. A good thing for the Orioles, but by no means a game-changer. Not in the third inning, not even with nobody out. However Oakland committed a throwing error, allowing a third run to score. And Hays himself would later score on Trey Mancini’s run-scoring single.

I’ve written a million times that getting guys on base will cause good things to happen. Anything’s possible at any moment – if a pitcher uncorks a wild pitch with nobody on base, did he really throw a wild pitch? Does it even matter? But do it with ducks on the pond, and it’s different. And Hays doesn’t score on that hit if he isn’t at third base; and he got there because of the error.

The Orioles have been held accountable left and right for their mistakes in games. And they’re finally holding other teams accountable now as well. Ryan Mountcastle’s sac fly-RBI later in the inning would score Mancini and run the score to 5-0. And to round out the inning, Maikel Franco would score on a wild pitch.

DJ Stewart would give the Orioles some insurance runs in the sixth with a two-run homer. And it’s a good thing he did, as Oakland made a bit of a comeback. They managed to put four runs on the board, two of which came on solo homers. And one of those was in the ninth inning. 8-4 is a lot different than 6-4 when trying to close out a game.

But again, the Orioles are holding teams accountable for their mistakes, and finding ways to score. Three of those runs were unearned. However they still count. If you can find ways to score, you’ll win a lot of games. Taking advantage of the opportunities you’re afforded is a part of every sport. Also a part of life.

The series concludes tomorrow afternoon at the Oakland Coliseum. Bruce Zimmerman gets the call for the Birds, and he’ll be opposed by Oakland’s Sean Manaea. Game time is set for just after 4 PM.


  1. Matt Vrabel says:

    Orioles punched oakland square in their noses lookin good birdland lookin good


    1. They certainly didn’t win those one just by a nose.


  2. Roy tipton says:

    Dom baby im begging you matt and his big nose jokes are killing me besides i know plenty of people with huge beaks matt except the challenge battle of the beaks


    1. Challenge him to a beak-off.


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