Baltimore Orioles trade Alex Cobb to Los Angeles

The Baltimore Orioles are sending RHP Alex Cobb off to Hollywood. The Birds this morning traded Cobb to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Formerly known as the Anaheim Angels. But known to my generation as the California Angels. You get the idea.

Cobb has one year remaining on his contract, which is set to make him $15 million this year. The O’s will in essence eat half of that salary, or in other words send it to Anaheim along with Cobb. In exchange, the Birds will be getting second baseman Jahmai Jones.

The Orioles had been looking for some infield depth, which Jones will provide. He’s set to make $1.1 million this year, and has seven total at-bats at the big league level – going 3-for-7. He was once a second round draft choice for Anaheim, and most recently was rated as that organization’s seventh best prospect.

This is a salary dump more than anything else. While it won’t shock me to see Jones at the big league level with the O’s this year, it’s a low-level acquisition. Now in fairness, it also opens up more of a competition for rotation spots going into spring training. It’s a curious move since the Orioles are looking for solid starting pitching, but as I said it’s a salary dump. Nothing more.

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