Baltimore Orioles: John Angelos approved as Orioles’ control person

According to an article written by Jeff Baker of the Baltimore Sun, John Angelos was approved recently as the new “control person” for the Baltimore Orioles. In short, this means that he has succeeded his father as the managing partner for the team. On paper his father, Peter Angelos, is still the owner, but he’s the guy in charge.

John and his brother Lou have been in essence running the team for two years while their father’s health has declined. So this was just a matter of housekeeping in a sense. Angelos was approved with 23 of 30 owners voting in his favor.

This would seem to point to the Angelos family’s continued stewardship of the team once Peter Angelos passes away. That’s not set in stone, however it would seem that the league is amenable to that. Again, this was just a formality. But a necessary formality. Hopefully for at least awhile, it closes the book on the franchise’s future in the city of Baltimore.

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