Baltimore Orioles pick up option on Jose Iglesias

The Baltimore Orioles have picked up their $3.5 million club option on SS Jose Iglesias. This ensures that Iglesias will be on the roster in 2021 – at least to start. He might be traded during the season, of course.

Iglesias of course missed some time with injuries this year, but he hit .373 on the season. The Birds faced a $500,000.00 buyout if they didn’t pick up the option. So it made good business sense.

I think that Iglesias’ continued presence could make some difference. He obviously has a steady glove, and as a veteran he can make a difference in the clubhouse. The O’s are getting even younger with more guys coming up from the minors, and that’s important. His steady hand and his savvy in terms of knowing what to do as a major leaguer could make a world of difference.

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