Baltimore Orioles: Coming attractions

Yesterday I wrote the final Baltimore Orioles game recap of the 2020 season. It’s kind of strange; the season itself was only sixty games, but I feel like I would normally feel at the end of the season. It’s been a long grind to get to the end, but now it’s almost like removing goggles from your eyes and seeing the world for what it really is after focusing on just one thing for so many months.

It’ll certainly go down as the strangest year on record. Spring Training was going along as normal, and then it was suspended. And we waited, and waited…and waited more. Through apparent labor strife among other things. But finally we ended up with a sixty-game regular season, which of course has now ended.

I’ll be honest; in retrospect things probably didn’t ever need to be put on hold. Granted, back in March we didn’t know what this pandemic was going to be, and we didn’t know how to stop the spread of it save for staying home. So baseball did the best it could with the information it had. However spring games could have probably continued and the regular season could have started – simply with no fans and with the safety measures that eventually went into place. There would have been more travel for teams of course, but I think they could have pulled it off. We just didn’t know that at the time.

Sometime this week I’ll release a season review for 2020. I always like to take a few days before doing that so as to fully “digest” the season. And from there maybe we’ll talk a bit about the playoffs, and into some off season coverage. And who knows you might even see a hiatus or two on my end. Time will tell.

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