Baltimore Orioles: Some gave all

The Baltimore Orioles should be playing the Chicago White Sox right now in a Memorial Day matinee at Camden Yards. Of course we all know why that isn’t the case, but we go onward. And we hope that baseball returns to us soon.

However one thing that isn’t different is that today is Memorial Day. Today our nation pauses to remember our war dead and to give honor to both they and the families they left behind. And I want to make something clear; this isn’t the moment to throw Coronavirus victims and first responders into a place of honor. I’ve heard several folks suggest it would be an opportune moment to recognize them as well.

And the answer is no – today is about our war dead. It’s not even about vets or active service members. It’s about those who never came home. We owe it to those people and their families to always make it about them. I have no issue with a day honoring those people, it just can’t be today. Today’s about those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country in war.

And again, we can’t ever forget that. We can’t ever forget that there are Gold Star families out there who were altered forever when their loved one died in war. And that’s why we have the ability to watch baseball. Which hopefully returns to us soon. As the title states, SOME GAVE ALL.

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