Baltimore Orioles: Commissioner Manfred is miscarrying justice

The Baltimore Orioles and the rest of Major League Baseball is being set up to have big problems this season – set up by Commissioner Rob Manfred. The commissioner has come out in the past few days and said that it would be inappropriate for teams to target Houston Astros players in games due to the cheating scandal. Former Oriole Nick Markakis said it best:

I feel like every single guy over there (on the Astros) needs a beating.

Quote courtesy of AM-680 “The Fan,” Atlanta, GA.

At first I thought that the penalties handed down were appropriate. I’m now re-thinking that. I get why the league had to grant immunity to the players in order to hold the organization accountable. But all in all it does seem like a miscarriage of justice. And what’s more is that players across the league are expressing similar sentiments to what Markakis said above.

This truly is the perfect storm. Because Houston seems to feel that they’re being treated unfairly. If you listen to their players, there seems to be very little contrition. If anything, it’s the league and other players and teams who are having the audacity to target them. Baseball’s always policed itself in many instances. Odds are this will be no different.

The moment one Houston Astros’ player is hit by a pitch, their bench is going to be chirping and saying that the guy should be suspended. And eventually that’ll probably happen – but not before someone incites a bench-clearing brawl presumably. And is Commissioner Manfred okay with giving worse discipline for guys retaliating for a legitimate reason than he did for the group who committed the act to begin with?

It’s not only that. The commissioner also said that he wasn’t taking the trophy away from them because it’s only hardware. So you’ve just disrespected every other World Series champion in the history of the game. In the name of what? Protecting the Houston Astros and their flimsy ego’s?

The commissioner is miscarrying justice. There isn’t anything that can be done about it, but he’s miscarrying justice.


  1. Stanley Roper says:

    So you are saying its okay for the rest of the players in the league to throw balls at the Astro’s players.


    1. It’s going to happen. Deal with it.


  2. Stanley Roper says:

    I wish someone would throw a ball at your big melon head.


    1. I’m too nimble. They’d miss.


  3. Stanley Roper says:

    The only way someone would miss is if the ball was deflected by your big caterpillar eyebrows. You look like a pretty big target and I really don’t think you are nimble at all.


    1. You’d be surprised. Good day.


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