Baltimore Orioles: Reactions to the Mookie Betts trade

As I said yesterday, Baltimore Orioles’ fans should be thrilled that the likes of Mookie Betts and David Price are out of the AL East. However up I-95 in Boston, the reaction has been significantly different. And that’s to be expected.

I’m a little intrigued to see that a lot of Boston fans are shocked and appalled at the fact that Betts was traded. The guy’s in the final year of his contract, and they had obviously reached an impasse on a new deal. So they wanted to get something for him, and get under the luxury tax at the same time. Not to mention the potential loss of draft picks that are coming. This gives them some young talent.

But the reaction from Boston fans has been very negative. And that surprises me in a sense. This is a franchise that for years has bought other teams’ talent in the same manner that they just sold off Mookie Betts. People have no problem pointing out that it’s a business decision when it’s Miami, Milwaukee, or even the Orioles selling off their assets. But when the shoe’s on the other foot…things appear a bit different.

Again, from the Orioles perspective this is a good thing. Boston’s still a good team, but Betts himself carried them over the Orioles over a long period of time. It leaves a hole in their lineup, that will have reverberations up and down. Does this mean the Orioles are headed to the post season this year because of this? Let’s not get crazy. But maybe they’re good for one or two more wins over a division rival this season.

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