Baltimore Orioles: From the sandlot to a Super Bowl MVP

The Baltimore Orioles could have just as easily been facing Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes, son of former major leaguer Pat Mahomes, was drafted by the Detroit Tigers. Being the son of a big league baseball player, he grew up around the game, played it, and loved it.

However luckily for football fans, he loved football more. Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs of course won Super Bowl 54 last night in Miami. However again, he just as easily could have been playing major league baseball.

Mahomes is also the Godson of former Oriole LaTroy Hawkins, who played with his father Pat. However that aside, congratulations to Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs – and their fans. It’s a well-deserved honor to a great team. And…pitchers and catchers report a week from tomorrow.


    1. If you read what I wrote, I said that “I wouldn’t be surprised if Kansas City won.” So I’m not sure how wrong that prediction could have been. I also predicted that it would be a great game – and I was correct. Baseball’s my best sport, but if I were you I’d come prepared to go to war if you think you’re going to best me at talking any sport.


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