Baltimore Orioles: The winter progresses

This is the last full month where the Baltimore Orioles won’t be playing games. Let that sink in for just a moment. Pitchers and catchers report two weeks or so after the Super Bowl, and the Florida Grapefruit League opens on February 22nd.

The O’s will travel to the Atlanta Braves’ new spring facility (in Sarasota County, no less) to play Atlanta at 1 PM that afternoon. That’ll obviously be a road game, which means that many of the Orioles’ “regulars” (whomever those might be at this point), probably won’t make the trip. Instead they’ll most probably make their spring debuts the next day at home against Boston.

January always strikes me because while it’s really only the beginning of the “winter doldrums,” it is in fact that last month without live baseball. That doesn’t mean we’re anywhere near Opening Day – because we aren’t! But it sure gives you more to which to look forward than say Thanksgiving Day!

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