Baltimore Orioles should host a college bowl game

For really one of the first times in history, the Baltimore Orioles hosted something at Camden Yards in 2019 other than a baseball game. No, I’m not talking about last week’s Winter Warm-up. I’m talking about Billy Joel performing there back in July. (Who also happens to be my favorite singer.)

Camden Yards was used for a Papal mass during Pope John Paul II’s visit in 1994, however in my recollection that’s the only other non-baseball game event that’s been held at the park. However it appears that they’re aiming to host more things at Oriole Park, which I feel is a good idea. It’s THE BALLPARK THAT FOREVER CHANGED BASEBALL; why not have events there? It showcases the ballpark and the city of Baltimore.

I’m the first one to say that there are too many college bowl games. To the point that we’re cheapening the college bowl “experience.” But would Camden Yards not be the perfect spot to play a bowl game? I’m not sure what you would call it, but perhaps the HERRS Potato Chip Crab Bowl?!

One might argue why they wouldn’t just play a prospective Baltimore-based bowl game at M & T Bank Stadium. Fair point. But why do they play a bowl game at Yankee Stadium instead of across the river at Met Life Stadium? Because first off that’s called the Pinstripe Bowl. But the fact is that it’s cool to play a bowl game in somewhat of a strange spot – like a baseball park.

On second thought, maybe you call it the Oriole Bowl, or something like that. I’m not suggesting that this is ever going to happen, however I think it would be a cool spot for a bowl game. Heck, they play plenty of them everywhere else; why not Camden Yards?!

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