Baltimore Orioles poised to hire Anthony Sanders as first base coach

While no official announcement has been announced, it’s being reported that the Baltimore Orioles have reached a deal with Anthony Sanders to be their new first base coach. Sanders would replace Arnie Beyeler, who was informed at the end of the 2019 season that he wouldn’t be retained. Again, no official announcement has been made. I wouldn’t expect one before Thanksgiving.

Sanders has done a lot of work with USA Baseball, and was a member of the 2000 Gold Medal winning team. He’s spent the past few years as a coach in the Colorado Rockies’ system. He’ll now apparently be joining a coaching staff responsible for one of the youngest teams in the big leagues. So his experience at the minor league level is invaluable. Sanders will also be responsible for coaching the outfielders, as Beyeler was before him.


  1. Eddie Vedder says:

    Anthony is a moron if he takes that job with such a deplorable team.


    1. Well a Cubs fan would know all about that.


  2. Sam Durango says:

    Why would he want to join the O’s organization? Why?


    1. Well whatever he makes I’m sure he’ll be making more than whatever most simpletons make. And isn’t that the ultimate goal – to make a ton of money?!


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