Baltimore Orioles: Camden Yards needs to make a difference this year of all years

The Baltimore Orioles play in the best ballpark in baseball in Camden Yards. Granted those of us who cover the O’s or go to the games are going to view that in a biased manner. However when in fact what you have has been copied time and time again, it goes without saying that you have something special.

And with Camden Yards it’s never been just about the ballpark. I mean…the park itself we know is special. But it’s that special park combined with the old fashioned manner in which the game is presented. Almost every hill thing is a part of a tradition – whether it’s Country Boy during the stretch, the Oriole Bird running around, or the songs they play between innings. It’s all tradition-based, this as opposed to some parks where rap music blasts and so forth.

Point here being that the game is presented in a very old school manner at Camden Yards, and most Orioles fans like it that way. As the 2019 season draws near, it’s that game day experience on which the Orioles will want to lean. With a young team, young manager, and a not-so-hot outlook for this year, there might be a few games where attendance could be dicey. Throw in a cold night or unpredictable weather, and who knows how many fannies are in the seats.

But the Orioles really need to hone in on the fact that they have the best setup in the league. Who wouldn’t want to come to Camden Yards on a summer evening or afternoon and take in a big league game? It’s spring and summer in Baltimore; baseball is what we do!

Incidentally, contrary to popular belief this doesn’t mean offering mass discounts on tickets. The Orioles already are one of the most reasonably priced franchises in sports. When you offer a discount often times you’re just discounting tickets for people who are already planning on coming to the game. So in essence you’re cutting into what would have been your profit margin.

Maybe you can have a few games here and there where you have a discounted food item, but in general discounting already cheap tickets doesn’t work. If there’s one change I’d make if I were the Orioles, I’d offer a “happy hour” at a beer stand – maybe from the time the ballpark opens until the scheduled first pitch. They did that awhile back but apparently that’s no longer a part of their concessions strategy. Just an idea. Point being that the more ways in which you drive home the point that Oriole Park at Camden Yards is the place to be this summer, the more fans will show up.


  1. Ray Cravetti says:

    “as opposed to some parks where rap music blasts and so forth.”

    So what u r saying is that you don’t want blakc or brown people in the stands. because that’s who listens to rap music.

    most phans would say screw traiditon if it means winning.But no, all this organization cares about is GREED! GREED! GREED!


    1. Cravetti, I NEVER brought race into the discussion – YOU DID. I simply pointed out that the Orioes have opted for a more traditional pressentation of the game. Take comments like that at face value as opposed to running to your keyboard and trying to argue the politics of racism.


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