Baltimore Orioles: Why no fanfare for the minors?

All of the Baltimore Orioles’ minor league affiliates are in the mid-Atlantic region, with the exception of the Gulf Coast Orioles. The Norfolk Tides of course are a bit of a hike, but still relatively close. This as opposed to years ago when your affiliates could literally be anywhere.

Yesterday I was flipping channels and I noticed that the Capital City GoGo were being televised locally. If you aren’t aware, the Capital City GoGo are an NBA D-League affiliate of the Washington Wizards. It came across as a low-quality production, but the fact remains that the game was on television, giving fans an opportunity to see the stars of tomorrow right now.

Obviously the Wizards are the main responsibility in terms of providing coverage for the local media (in the context of basketball). But as I said, having the D-League team on television on occasion gives fans a shot to see tomorrow’s stars. So…why doesn’t MLB do this with it’s minor leagues?

In the Orioles’ case, it would be fairly easy given that their affiliates are all local. But I’m a believer that giving fans access to players as such before they’re stars simply cements those players as leaders at the big league level once they arrive. It gives fans an early stake in players who one day might become a force in the majors.

Of course the difference in baseball is that it’s everyday. It might be easy enough to say that a network such as MASN could cover a Norfolk or Bowie game on an off day, but for the most part the O’s are playing everyday. So it would probably be tough to do. But more coverage is never a bad thing.

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