Baltimore Orioles: Can you call 100 losses a success?

If you’re looking at wins and losses, 2019 won’t be too far off from 2018 for the Baltimore Orioles. Remember all of those frustrating nights where everything that could go wrong would go wrong? Yeah, we’re probably looking at that again for 2019.

However I am on record and I do believe that come the end of the season the Orioles will have an improved record. And I say that for one reason; all of their starters will presumably have a full slate of spring games and training sessions. That wasn’t the case last year. In my view it affected some early season games. Furthermore, the current team will build chemistry from day one and get stronger.

Even still, it’s not shaping up to be a season in which the Orioles contend. They could still lose 100 games plus. But keep in mind that if they improve by 14 wins, they’d still have 100 losses.

In general if you win 14 additional games year-over-year, that’s a good improvement. But regardless of the overall number, could fans consider a 100-loss season a success?

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