Baltimore Orioles: 2019 is Spring Training all year

Brandon Hyde‘s Baltimore Orioles will struggle in 2019. And not just in the division, but across the board. Will they win more than 46 games? My personal opinion is that they will. But I suspect the team will still struggle.

That’s why I think 2019 will in essence be spring training all year. And I say that in one very specific context. Over the past few seasons I’ve always told fans during spring training that wins and losses weren’t important. And in reality during the spring they aren’t. What’s more important that you gel as a team.

So if the assumption is that the Orioles are going to be bad this year, are wins and losses really that important? That isn’t meant to be as bad of a comment as it sounds like. There’s most definitely a difference between spring training and the regular season. Good year or bad, there’s always the “urgency of today.”

However the expectation is that this year will be more about getting people in the right places, and then gelling as a team. In effect, building for the future. Some fans will be turned off by the concept of spring training in perpetuity. However if the process is done right and trusted, at some point you go from just competing to winning. That’s what we saw in 2012 from the Orioles. And we could see it again.

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