Baltimore Orioles: Manny Michael meeting with New York this week

There’s not much drama with what the Baltimore Orioles are doing today. Brandon Hyde is being introduced as the team’s new manager at noon today. All that’s in doubt is what he’ll say to the media. One way or the other I would expect him to be gracious.

One name neither he nor GM Mike Elias will have hanging over their heads is Manny Machado. However we find Manny in the news this week, as he’s expected to visit the New York Yankees. Yeah, every Orioles’ fan’s seeming nightmare.

Honestly I’m surprised by this. New York seemed to make it fairly clear that they didn’t want a guy who readily admits he doesn’t always hustle. Now suddenly they want to talk contract terms?

I suspect that they see a slowly-developing market, and think they might be able to get Machado on a steal. What’s unclear is whether or not this is more of a contract talk, or a meet/and-greet. Given the proximity to Christmas and New Years, I think it might be the latter.

Time will tell, but the Orioles can’t let Manny’s schedule distract from what they’re doing. Today is a big day in Birdland. The O’s are hoping that they’ve found the guy to get them “off their Hyde’s” (yes, you read that right!) and out of the doldrums. And eventually back to the promise land.

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