Baltimore Orioles: Will Brandon Hyde reach out to Buck Showalter?

As we know, new Baltimore Orioles’ manager Brandon Hyde will be introduced to the media tomorrow. The O’s have called a noon press conference. But there is an ever-so-small white elephant in the room still…

…will Hyde reach out to former Orioles’ manager Buck Showalter? Perhaps white elephant in the room is the wrong way to put it. However Buck of course was universally beloved by both fans and writers such as myself alike. Many folks think he should still be the manager. Perhaps a call from the O’s skipper to their former skipper would help to put everyone on the same page.

That said, Buck Showalter was never big on publicity stunts. And I suppose that a call from Hyde would be just that. However there could also be another reason for a call. Buck knows the organization and the roster pretty well. Could Hyde not benefit from that knowledge?

Keep in mind folks, if you’re in the camp which thinks Buck should still be here, it isn’t Brandon Hyde’s fault that he isn’t (here any longer). Buck, that is. Hyde’s going to do the best job that he possibly can – win or lose. Fans owe him their support, as well as the benefit of starting with a blank slate.

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