Baltimore Orioles: Jonathan Schoop to Minnesota

It appears that former Baltimore Orioles’ second Jonathan Schoop has found a new home. It was reported yesterday that he signed (or is about to agree to and sign) a one-year contract with the Minnesota Twins. The contract is reportedly worth $7.5 million.

Schoop is seen as a stop gap at second base for Minnesota, although I’m sure that if he found his stride once again they’d consider retaining him. Schoop’s production at the plate of course fell way off after he was traded to Milwaukee last year. While he was only hitting .244 at the time with the Orioles, his final average with Milwaukee ended up at .202.

Many folks wanted a reunion in Baltimore for Schoop after he was non-tendered. Now it’s obvious that’s only going to happen with him as an opposing player. When he was non-tendered I wrote that the Orioles should consider re-signing him only if they’d be able to trade him at the deadline. 

Either they didn’t want to the run the risk, or they didn’t think he’d be tradeable at that time. Nevertheless, he’s going to Minnesota. But you have to applaud the new Front Office, as the emotional move in a sense would have been to go after Schoop. But they excercised some self-control in not doing so, which is a good sign.

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