Baltimore Orioles: No manager before the Winter Meetings

The Baltimore Orioles and GM Mike Elias are going through the process of finding a new manager. This much we know. But at this point it doesn’t appear that they’re going to have anyone in place before next week’s Winter Meetings. That could change, but at this point that’s what appears to be the case.

I said two weeks ago that it would behoove the Orioles to have a manager by then. I do stand by that statement, but in reality it’s also more important overall to get the right person. I suspect that it should be obvious where the organization is going, and odds are that won’t hamper the organization at the meetings.

I wouldn’t expect Elias to do much wheeling and dealing, because while the Orioles have said that they could be active in free agency, it won’t be big name free agents. Possibly role players who could help lead the younger guys along.

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