Baltimore Orioles: How might a new regime handle Chris Davis?

I’m on record as saying that the Baltimore Orioles did the best they could with first baseman Chris Davis in 2018. Davis’ contract meant that they really couldn’t cut him. He spent some time on the bench, but DFAing him would have been a different story.

But what about next year? A new GM and a new manager will replace Buck Showalter and Dan Duquette. Showalter specifically we know is loyal to the bone, which many feel is why Davis was in the lineup as often as he was this past year. His contract certainly played a role also.

And the contract situation will continue regardless of who’s in charge. If the Orioles cut/DFA him, they’re still on the hook for his salary (unless they were able to trade him). Even if another team picks him up – the Orioles would be paying him to play for someone else. Also keep in mind that some of the payments are deferred until well after the contract ends.

Needless to say, a new regime isn’t going to be quite as loyal to a holdover from the old regime. And that’s in essence what Davis would be – a holdover. That isn’t to say that he would be cut. I’m not sure that the Angelos family would be happy wasting resources like that.

But would he play as often or as long? Tough to say. Just another in a long line of questions that will be posed to the new guys when they arrive.

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