Baltimore Orioles: Is today Adam Jones’ final game at Camden Yards?

The MLB Trade Deadline is 4 PM on Tuesday, but the Baltimore Orioles have already been very active. This much we know. The question is will anyone else be dealt away? Namely, will Adam Jones be traded away?

As we all know, Jones is in the final year of his contract. He’ll be a free agent at the end of the season. If you read the tea leaves, it appears that both parties would be amenable to a new contract moving forward. That might involve Jones moving to right field, but again it appears that both parties might be okay with that.

So it makes sense that perhaps the O’s consider trading Jones now (sending him to a contender), and perhaps getting an additional prospect or two in return. The fact is that the more prospects they get, the quicker the rebuilding process will be. Jones of course would have to waive his no trade clause in order to make this happen, and again it does appear that he’d be willing to do that.

If the O’s were to do this, that would mean that this afternoon’s game would be Jones’ last at Camden Yards. As an Oriole at least – for now. It’s easy to suggest that it appears to be a given that he’ll return, but nothing’s guaranteed in this world. Least of all tomorrow.

If in fact this ends up being Jones’ final game as an Oriole at Camden Yards (again, for now), it’s certainly bittersweet. There’s no doubt that regarding this year Jones would be worth more to the Orioles on the trade market than he would on the roster. However he’s also a fan favorite, and he’s done more for this community using his status as an Oriole than anyone since Ripken. Simply put, he is and always will be an Oriole.

Milwaukee and Philadelphia appear to be the two teams that are interested in trading for him. And it really boils down to whether or not they or someone else is willing to give the Orioles what they want in exchange for Jones. Just like Machado and Britton, you aren’t going to give the guy away. Especially not when this one guy has been the fact of the franchise for some time.

And in saying that, I hope that Orioles fans recognize that today could be a swan song of sorts for Jones – again, for now. I hope that they give him the salute that he’s due. The chapter of Orioles’ history over which he’s presided will forevermore go down as a successful one – withstanding this season. This isn’t to say that he shouldn’t be traded. Ideally, he’s dealt this week, goes to a contender, and re-signs with the Orioles in the off season. But either way, he deserves his due today. And my hope is that the fans show up and give it to him.


  1. since my hero isn’t talking on the matter I’lm just gunna say that the roioles are full of greed! greed! greed!


    1. Your hero? Well as I’ve said before, seeing as your IP address is the same as the actual Ray Cravetti’s IP address, it seems to me that you’re one and the same. But don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. Or another opportunity to say greed.


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