Baltimore Orioles avoid arbitration with Kevin Gausman

The Baltimore Orioles and Kevin Gausman agreed to a contract yesterday for 2018. Or a salary, that is. The contract will pay Gausman $5.6 million in base salary, with the possibility of up to $200,000 in incentives. In the business world that translates as a bonus.

This means that all seven of the Orioles’ arbitration-eligible players have agreed to deals. Gausman’s arbitration hearing was scheduled for today in Phoenix, however that’s no longer necessary. This is a good thing for the Orioles, because first off Gausman doesn’t miss any time. However secondly, it also means that the front office did their job in coming to agreements with players. Any year you don’t have to go to arbitration is a good year.

Gausman and Bundy are the only two starters in camp right now. But that will change. Gausman was the team’s Opening Day starter last year, and my prediction is that he’ll also get the starting assignment on Opening Day here in 2018. This is an important Spring Training for him, because the Orioles really need him to step up and have a quality season in 2018.

All the more reason to be happy that Gausman’s signed and in camp. Now that his salary is set they can focus on fundamentals. And on whomever else ends up trickling into camp in terms of starting pitchers.

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