Baltimore Orioles: Are the minor leagues as bad as people say?

Many people would argue that the Baltimore Orioles have left the cubbard bare with regard to the minor leagues. That may or may not be true. However another common criticism is that they can’t bring players along into the big leagues. Is that really true?

Perhaps it is with pitchers. Although I would submit that’s a bit overstated. However, the Orioles at one time thought that the likes of Ponson, Cabrera, Bergesen, Matusz, Arrieta, and others would be the future aces of the organization. That didn’t happen. However it appears that they’re hitting on the likes of Gausman, Bundy, and hopefully at some point Harvey.

But there’s another side to this; did Manny Machado not come through the Orioles’ farm system? Did Jonathan Schoop not do the same? How about Trey Mancini? Or Matt Wieters, who’s of course now down in D.C.?

Three of the aforementioned four are current starters on the Orioles right now. You can also add Caleb Joseph and even Chance Sisco to that list as well. (We don’t quite know what Sisco is or what he’s going to be, however at some point he’ll be a starter if he isn’t already.) So that’s somewhere between four and five out of six players who are expecting to see considerable playing time, and who are considered great players – all of whom came through the Orioles’ minor league system. And again, you can throw Gausman and Bundy in there as well.

So my point is this; is it really fair to say that the O’s can’t bring players through their system? Regardless of where he ends up and when, Manny Machado will always be a veteran of the Orioles’ farm system. So will the rest of them. That should speak volumes to people about the quality of coaches and instructors in the organization.

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