Baltimore Orioles: Signature moment of 2017?

Many Baltimore Orioles fans are going to say that the 2017 season was a total failure. The record and the final month of the season was underwhelming for sure. But even underwhelming seasons have good moments, right?

So on this New Year’s Eve, I thought it would be appropriate to look back at a few moments that could be seen as the Orioles’ signature moment of the year. And these are just a few; perhaps you have one of your own. For starters, look no further than Mark Trumbo‘s walk off home run in extra innings on Opening Day. I’d hate to think that something which happened in the first game would be the signature moment of the season, but it was certainly memorable for sure.

After limping to the all-star break, the Birds also came out of it hot. They began their second half with a four-game sweep of Texas at Camden Yards. While the eventual world champion Houston Astros would cool them off, they did manage to beat Houston in the Sunday series finale – in what felt like the first time in forever. Even when Houston was a lackluster team, they gave the Orioles fits.

Tim Beckham gave the Orioles a shot in the arm when he arrived via trade at the deadline. And he paid almost immediate dividends, as on August 5th against Detroit he smacked the Orioles’ 10,000th home run in franchise history. For a team that’s had so many great sluggers and players, that’s quite a feat. And you can forever say that Tim Beckham is the answer to a trivia question!

My vote goes to the Trumbo homer on Opening Day. But perhaps you feel differently. Either way, when the clock strikes midnight tonight all of this will officially be last year. Always forward!

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