Baltimore Orioles: Is New York onto something?

I cover the Baltimore Orioles, but I’ve made my view of New York hiring Aaron Boone very clear. Boone’s a good baseball guy and he comes from a good baseball family. In fact, he was probably a born manager. But at this point he has no experience in the job.

First off, that’s sort of a slap in the fact to guys who have worked their way up the minor leagues or even to become a base coach, bench coach, etc. at the big league level. There are deserving candidates who were passed over in favor of Boone. Guys who have paid their dues in going up the coaching ranks, and are now having to watch an unknown commodity get a shot. That has to be a tough pill to swallow.

But could the joke be on people such as myself? People who think this is a reckless move? I remember the great Chuck Thompson’s speech upon accepting the Ford C. Frick Award and being inducted into the Hall of Fame. He started out by saying that his father had told him once that it’s possible to get so close to the forest that you can’t see the trees…

…which in general is good advice. Could that apply here? I mean – is it possible that perhaps guys who have been coaches for some times have become so jaded by how things are supposed to work that they can’t think outside the box enough to be innovative?

In short, yes it’s possible. Plenty of people would point to the Orioles’ Showalter, and how he opted not to use Britton in the AL Wild Card game in 2016. However while there could be legitimate criticism of someone who’s done a job or been a part of something for too long, I’m not sure that argument totally flies here.

I’ve never been a CEO of a company. Not in this life, not ever. So does that mean that the next time Northrup Grumman or Lockheed Martin has a vacancy at the top spot I should be considered? I’m fresh and green, and I won’t be jaded by how things are supposed to work.

Point being, that’s a very subjective argument. I do in fact have about as much experience being a CEO as Aaron Boone does as a coach. Is it possible that in the future analysts will be praising this hire as brilliant? Sure it is. Just don’t hold your breath for too long.

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