Baltimore Orioles: Early spring workouts matter more in 2018

Buck Showalter‘s Baltimore Orioles will report to spring training a couple of weeks following the Super Bowl. This much we know, and that’s pretty standard. But games will be moved up a week or so this year, as the season itself is starting earlier than normal.

As opposed to starting the first Monday in April, the league will open on Thursday, March 29, 2018. The same number of games will be played (162) by season’s end, however it allows the league to incorporate a few more days off into the schedule for each team. In the Orioles’ case, they’ll then be off on Friday the 30th – one of the only times you’ll ever see an MLB team with a scheduled Friday off.

What this means is that players will need to pay extra special attention to the early spring workouts. I’m not even talking about games per se; I’m talking about some of the workouts which occur early in spring. Those help to mold players into what they’ll be in the regular season.

But even the spring games will hold a bit more importance or urgency. (And as a guy who has to cover these games, I’m fine with that!) Because with the season coming earlier than normal, players will need to get ready quicker. Will we see more regulars playing in road games? Time will tell!

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