Baltimore Orioles: Regarding Chris Davis at third

On Monday I floated the idea of having Chris Davis play third base starting in 2019 if the likes of Machado are elsewhere. This would allow Trey Mancini to slide into his normal position of first base. It would also allow lots of Machado’s would-be salary to be put into pitching for the ballclub. Needless to say, it’s an option.

The best answer for the Orioles is to have Machado guarding the hot corner on Opening Day, 2019. This leaves Davis at first, and Mancini in the outfield. However could an idea like this combined with outfield depth put the Birds in a bit of a stronger position from which to negotiate?

The Orioles have guys like Flaherty, Trumbo, Gentry, et al, all of whom can play the outfield. So removing Mancini from there, a spot which wasn’t natural to him to begin with, wouldn’t exactly create a hole. If anything it would help plug one. Both Mancini and Davis are first baseman. But Davis is also a decent third baseman. He’s not Manny, but he’s serviceable.

Point being that all of this might well come into the Orioles’ thinking when the time comes. Heck, it could come sooner than we think due to a scenario like this. Might the O’s consider “renting” Machado out for prospects knowing that they have their bases covered (no pun intended)?

The answer to that is anything is possible. And we’re going to find out as we get closer to February.

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