Baltimore Orioles still searching for a pitching coach

The Baltimore Orioles are going into the first part of the final weekend before Thanksgiving still in search of a pitching coach. According to Roch Kubatko of MASNsports, there’s a shot that an announcement could be made on a hiring before the Warehouse closes for the holiday. In case you’ve forgotten from past years, Thanksgiving week is a dead period for MLB.

In the article I linked above, Kubatko mentions how it’s a fine line that teams have to walk because you don’t want to make a rash decision, but you also don’t want to lose a candidate to another team. And that’s a sentiment with which I agree entirely. The Orioles aren’t the only franchise that needs a pitching coach, and there are only so many qualified candidates. The longer you wait the more you risk.

And we can’t understate how important of a decision that this is for the Orioles. The starting rotation is so precarious at times, and it’s tough to know which version of it is going to show up each game. So they really need to ensure that they get this hire right.

My personal opinion is that they need someone who’s going to strike a balance between being firm and not accepting excuses, and being a shepherd of sorts. Time will tell who that person ends up being. But according to the Orioles, that decision hasn’t quite been made yet.

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