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Baltimore Orioles: Trey Mancini recovering after colon surgery

When it rains it pours for the Baltimore Orioles. However the start of the season being pushed back pales in comparison to what Trey Mancini‘s been through this week. Mancini’s recovering this evening after having a malignant tumor removed from his colon.

Mancini of course left the team last weekend for an undisclosed medical procedure. We now know what that was for. The Orioles have said that at this time there’s no news on his rehabilitation, or when he’ll be ready. That might come next week. I don’t think that timetable should be a problem for anyone.

Join me in keeping Mancini in your prayers and wishing him well.

Baltimore Orioles: A mixed bag in a tie

The Baltimore Orioles didn’t get quite the same crisp effort out of starter Kohl Stewart this afternoon that they’ve gotten out of other starters this spring. Now granted Stewart had a stiff assignment in taking on the New York Yankees today; furthermore he wasn’t shelled by any means. He was somewhere “in the middle,” as I like to say. Stewart’s line: 3.0 IL, 5 H, 3 R, 0 BB, 2 K.

Stewart, who hadn’t pitched in a game in a while (save for simulated games), said he felt he gave himself something on which to build (quote courtesy of Roch Kubatko, MASNsports):

It felt pretty good. It’s been a while, you know? So finally getting in the game instead of doing some of these sims that I’ve been doing. My stuff felt really good, especially as long as it’s been since I’ve been against live hitters. I felt like I executed the majority of things that I wanted to today. I made a few mistakes and they made me pay for it, but as far as building on this and getting some of thsoe things corrected that I didn’t do, we know exactly what I need to do a little better and we can make that happen in between starts.

Chris Davis continued his hot spring with an RBI-single in the last of the first to give the O’s a 1-0 lead. Dwight Smith Jr. would add an RBIsingle later in the inning as well, and Pedro Severino would add a sac fly-RBI. However New York would storm back with three runs in the second, tying the game at two.

They would then take the lead in the fourth with a two-run homer my Milone. Now for the record, that wasn’t charged to Kohl Stewart. He had exited the game by then.

However an inning later Dwight Smith Jr. would bring the Birds back to within one with an infield RBI-single in the fifth. A Yusniel Díaz RBI-single in the eight would then tie the game at five. Which is how it ended. The teams opted to call it a day and leave it as a tie. Which of course is like kissing your sister. But results don’t matter at this stage.

The more pressing matter is the condition of Trey Mancini, who’s left the team and will undergo elective surgery for a non-baseball related condition this week. We don’t know what the condition is, nor how much time Mancini will miss. The Orioles ask that his privacy be respected at this time.

None of that sounds good. Nor do some of the quotes coming out of the Orioles’ clubhouse, with several players and coaches expressing that Trey is in their prayers. I’m not going to speculate on what the issue is, as per the family’s request through the team. However I would ask that all readers keep Trey Mancini and his family in their thoughts and prayers.

The O’s now find themselves with their line off day during camp coming up tomorrow. So no game! The facility will be closed, and players will be asked to stay away. Even during spring guys value their time off. So I’m sure they won’t have any issue following that edict!

Baltimore Orioles to no show at arbitration this year

The Baltimore Orioles won’t be going to arbitration this year. At all. And that’s a good thing for everyone involved.

The Birds yesterday reached salary contract agreements with their remaining three arbitration-eligible players, Trey Mancini, Hanser Alberto, and Mychal Givens. Givens signed for $3.225 million, and Alberto for $1.65 million. Mancini’s number hasn’t yet been disclosed.

Again, the fact that no Orioles are being scheduled for arbitration is a good thing.. As I said yesterday, I think it’s one of the stupidest processes in sports. Now it just so happens that the Orioles are pretty good at it, having lost two cases in the era of Peter Angelos’ ownership. But it can cause ill feelings and it’s just not worth splitting hairs in my view.

Baltimore Orioles: Arbitration deadline day

Today is the deadline for the Baltimore Orioles to come to a contract with Trey Mancini, Hanser Alberto, and Mychal Givens. If the sides are unable to agree, arbitration hearings will be scheduled for sometime between February 3-21st. The sides of course could still read an agreement before then (in which case the hearing would be canceled), but that’s where the sides are now.

I think that arbitration is one of the dumbest processes in MLB. Perhaps in sports. The team’s literally arguing that their own player’s not worth the money he claims he is. Now there are plenty of situations in which players are unreasonable about their salary requests. But in essence that’s the procedure – the player’s arguing his virtues, and the team’s arguing his faults.

What’s not in question is that any of the three aforementioned players are on the roster on Opening Day (pending any trades that could be made). They will be. It’s just a matter of how much they’ll be making.

Baltimore Orioles: Should Trey Mancini go?

The Baltimore Orioles have made it clear that they’re still somewhat in sell mode. Maybe that’s the wrong way of putting it, however they’re willing to sell pieces off if they’ll net a return. This seems to bother a lot of fans, but that’s the tactic that the Orioles are taking.

Trey Mancini, is a guy who people wonder is possibly for sale. The question is whether or not the Orioles would trade him. And the answer to that is that I think they would. But that doesn’t mean they’re actively trying to unload Mancini.

I suspect that they’re willing to listen to offers – as they should be. But are they actively shopping Mancini, who’s a budding star for the Orioles? One would hope not. He’s the type of player that can congeal a clubhouse together, and one for whom people should pay admission to see play.

Again, hopefully they’re willing to listen to offers. But the deal should be that a team would have to blow the Orioles away in order to pry Mancini away from their grasp. This front office has proven that they’re unwilling to leave any stone unturned in order to make the organization better – in the future.

Baltimore Orioles: Trey Mancini carrying one a Baltimore tradition

Trey Mancini of the Baltimore Orioles is hosting this year’s Purple Tailgate in anticipation of this afternoon’s Ravens/49ers game at M & T Bank Stadium. This of course is a tradition that was started by former Oriole Adam Jones, who would donate the proceeds to The Boys and Girls Club of Baltimore. Mancini is donating the proceeds to the MoStrong initiative and Kamryn Lambert Foundation.

Mancini befriended Orioles and Ravens fan Mo Gaba, who is battling cancer for the fourth time. He’s also 13 years old. Speaking for myself, I’m glad that Mancini is picking up the mantle that Jones left. You could see this process beginning back in February when Mancini took on an obvious leadership role in spring training.

People can question moves the Orioles make or the manner in which they do things all they want. But the footprint they have in the community is impeccable. While this event isn’t through OriolesReach (the team’s charity wing), they do a lot in the community and ensure that the team has a positive reputation in that regard. And having guys like Mancini (and Jones before him) be so visible in the community doesn’t hurt.

Baltimore Orioles: Trey Mancini spearheads win with five hits

The Baltimore Orioles evened the series in Toronto last night behind a five-hit effort by 2019 Most Valuable Oriole Trey Mancini. Dylan Bundy left his mark as well, tossing a gem for the O’s. Bundy’s line: 7.0 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 6 K.

The Birds hit the bats early and never looked back. Renato Nunez‘s two-RBI double in the first gave them a 2-0 lead. Tack on an RBI-single by Dwight Smith Jr, and it was 3-0.

Fisher’s solo homer in the third got Toronto on the board, however this was the Orioles’ night. Toronto’s made a habit of coming back against the Orioles. Not on this night. The Birds ended up building an insurmountable lead.

The O’s got that one run right back in the fourth when Dwight Smith Jr. smacked a solo homer. Austin Wynns followed suit with one of his own. And the rout was on. DJ Stewart hit a two-run homer in the sixth, and Mancini added an RBI-single. The Birds would also put three runs up in the eighth inning.

As I said, Toronto seems to love coming back against the Orioles. They were able to put a few runs across in the ninth, but it was too little too late. End of the day, the Birds defeated Toronto 11-4.

The end of the season should give Orioles fans hope. No, not because the season’s over which ends the pain of the 2019 season. But because some of these young players really started to gel, and made some big time contributions in games. That includes Mancini, who while only having three full big league seasons under his belt, is the team leader.

However plenty of guys have made big splashes – the Hays’, Nunez’s, and Alberto’s of the world. This franchise is in a much better position going into spring training in 2020 than it was going in this year. That should give Orioles’ fans a lot of hope.

The series in Toronto concludes this evening at Rogers Centre. Gabriel Ynoa gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Toronto’s Jacob Waguespack. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.

Baltimore Orioles cough up big lead

Toronto’s always been a bit of a bugaboo for the Baltimore Orioles. No matter what the stakes, circumstances, or odds, they seem to find a way to beat the Birds. Dylan Bundy got the start last night, and put the Orioles in a spot to win. Bundy’s line: 5.0 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 5 BB, 8 K.

The O’s took an early 2-0 lead in the first two RBI-doubles; one by Rio Ruiz, and the other by Austin Hays. Toronto immediately cut that lead in half in the second on Bichette’s RBI-single. But in terms of scoring, we didn’t hear from Toronto again for awhile.

Trey Mancini‘s two-RBI double in the second extended the lead to 4-1. The Birds then proceeded to get homers in the fourth from Jonathan Villar and Anthony Santander, and when the smoke cleared they led 7-1. Seemed like a safe lead, right? Not against Toronto.

Bichette tacked on a run with an RBI-single in the sixth. However a seventh inning three-run homer by Hernandez should have put the Orioles on alert that Toronto wasn’t going away. In truth, it did.

The O’s tacked on two runs on sac flies in the seventh and eighth. So if you’re an Orioles fan you’ve seen the Birds all but take their foot off the gas, allow Toronto back into the game, and then tack on a couple more runs to extend their lead back to four. But there was one problem…

…Toronto put up six runs in the ninth to take the lead. Including a dramatic grand slam by Grichuk. The Birds would tack on one more in the ninth, but ended up falling 11-10.

Toronto usually finds a way against the Orioles. It’s almost uncanny how much they have the Orioles’ number. Last night they came back from a six-run deficit. It just doesn’t matter how tough things look, they find a way against the Orioles.

The series concludes tonight at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Gabriel Ynoa gets the start for the Orioles, and he’ll be opposed by Toronto’s Wilmer Font. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.

Baltimore Orioles: Nibbling doesn’t work

The Baltimore Orioles sent Gabriel Ynoa to the mound this evening in Detroit, although he ended up being one of many. One of many in a twelve inning game, that is. Ynoa’s line: 4.0 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 1 BB, 1 K.

Ynoa yielded Castro’s solo homer in the third, giving Detroit a 1-0 lead. After Ynoa has left the game Reyes’ RBI-single in the fifth extended the lead to 2-0. And at various points it appeared that’s how the game was going to end. Boy was that an incorrect prediction.

That 2-0 Detroit lead held until the top of the eighth. The Birds got two runners on, and Trey Mancini strode to the plate. And Mancini smacked a three-run homer into the stands. That gave the O’s a 3-2 lead in later innings.

However that lead wasn’t about to hold either. Reyes came to the plate once again with Detroit down to their final out. And Reyes sent a pop fly to right, which just barely made it over the fence for a solo game-tying homer. Was it a cheapie? Yes. But it still counts.

The game went to the twelfth, where Rio Ruiz gave the Orioles the lead back with an RBI-single. The Orioles were in good shape, but they still needed to close out the twelfth inning. Detroit had to hit again.

Michigan native Paul Fry walked a batter, recorded an out, and then gave up a double to put two runners in scoring position. He then intentionally walked a guy to load the bases and set up a double-play. The Orioles then turned to Ryan Eades.

Eades struggles from the get-go. He walked away in a run to tie the game on four straight pitches. There went the Orioles’ lead. He then gave up a game-winning walk off grand slam to Detroit’s Hicks, which sent the O’s to defeat.

Eades didn’t have the eye of the tiger from the beginning. He tried to nibble his way into outs. This is part of why being a big league pitcher is so tough; you don’t want to get too much of the plate, but you just can’t nibble. All that does is record balls and drive your pitch count up.

Fry took the loss, but make no mistake that the game was lost when a Eades started nibbling. Now it’s also a team effort – you can’t put it all on one guy. The Orioles lost the lead in one other occasion in the game as well. But nibbling shows no confidence, and it’s a sure way to help your opponent in getting more confidence.

The series continues tomorrow at Comerica Park. Asher Wojchiekowski gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Detroit’s Edwin Jackson. Game time is set for just after 1 PM.

Baltimore Orioles are better year-over-year

The Baltimore Orioles came into tonight’a game in Detroit with 47 wins on the year – which is where they finished 2018. So behind starter Aaron Brooks tonight, they had an opportunity to cement themselves as better than they were last season. Brooks’ line: 5.1 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 3 BB, 0 K.

Trey Mancini got the Orioles on the board off the bat with an RBI-single in the first inning. The lead remained at 1-0 through the fifth inning, when DJ Stewart smacked a two-run home run. Mason Williams‘ RBI-groundout would tack on an additional run later in the inning. And with that, the Birds took a 4-0 lead.

Two RBI-singles in the last of the fifth got Detroit on the board. Those RBI-singles also cut the Orioles’ lead in half at 4-2. But the Orioles weren’t done.

Trey Mancini smacked a two-run homer in the seventh gave the Orioles a couple of weeks insurance runs, and ran the final score to 6-2. Incidentally for what it’s worth, nearby Pontiac, MI native Pail Fry pitched a scoreless seventh for the Birds, striking out two. Fry’s parents were in attendance at tonight’s game, and their son didn’t disappoint when getting the opportunity to pitch in his hometown. As I’ve said before, that has to be a thrill for players.

And with that, the Orioles have 48 wins on the year. Not anywhere near the threshold the organization will eventually demand of manager Brandon Hyde and his players. However in the here and now, bettering your mark from the previous year will do.

Make no mistake that there’ll be nobody popping champagne because the Birds won more games this year than they did last year. But when you’re rebuilding you have to celebrate and take the good along with the bad. I think that this does mean a lot, contrary to what some people (including Brandon Hyde) say.

Before the season I said that success in 2019 would resemble winning more games than they did in 2018. The Orioles have now done that. Even if they don’t win another game this year (doubtful), that means something. Or at least it should – to both players and fans.

The series continues tomorrow night at Comerica Park. Gabriel Ynoa gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Detroit’s Daniel Norris. Game time is set for just after 6 PM.

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