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Baltimore Orioles land Miguel Padilla as a PTBNL

You know things are slow with the Baltimore Orioles (and across MLB) when a Player to be Named Later is a story. But it is, because…2020. Nevertheless, the Birds have acquired Miguel Padilla from the Houston Astros as of yesterday.

The Orioles sent pitcher Hector Velazquez to Houston in July for a PTBNL. I suppose that in the grind of the season I forgot about the trade, however normally PTBNL’s are named well before now. Nevertheless, the trade has been finalized.

Padilla pitched in 19 games to a 2.08 ERA in the Dominican League in 2019. Keep in mind these Players to be Named Later are generally low level prospects. But still, it adds a prospect to the Orioles’ farm system. And with the rebuild that’s being undertaken, there’s value in that.

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